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VINCENT (Vicente)


Vincent, 18 years old, wants to make the Olympic swimming team. All that matters is first place...


1995; 11 min; 35mm; cor



Best Editing at Ceará Film Fest (Brazil, 1995)


Festival History

São Paulo International Short Film Festival (Brazil, 1995)

Brasilia Film Festival (Brazil, 1995)

Rio Cine Festival (Brazil,1995)

Clermont-Ferrand (France, 2004)

Cast: Marcelo Kingston, Vera Holtz, Marcelo Escorel, Dudu Sandroni and Maria Ribeiro


Directed by Marcos Guttmann

Screenplay: João Emanuel Carneiro, Marcos Guttmann e Melanie Dimantas

Director of Photography: Breno Silveira

Art Director: Gualter Pupo

Editing: Adriana Borges

Sound Editing: Ana Teixeira

Original Soundtrack: Carlos Pontual

Produced by Marcos Guttmann and Flávio R. Tambellini

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