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KM 0


A man and a woman. They want to see each other. One lives in Rio, the other in São Paulo. Both decide, without telling the other and simultaneously, to get in the car and drive to see each other. Somewhere halfway, their paths have to cross...


2003; 35mm; 8 min; cor



Festival History


International Film Festival Rotterdam

(Netherlands, 2004)


Recife Film Festival

(Brazil, 2003)


São Paulo Internacional Short Film Festival

(Brazil, 2003)


Vitória Cinevideo

(Brazil, 2003)


Ribeirão Preto Film Festival

(Brazil, 2004)


SeNEF – Online Film Festival

(Korea, 2004)


Mise-en-scène Genre Film Festival

(Korea, 2004)

Cast: Maria Ribeiro and Caco Ciocler


Directed by Marcos Guttmann

Screenplay: Sergio Sá Leitão and Marcos Guttmann

Director of Photography: Marcelo Guru Duarte

Art Director: Dani Brandão

Editor: Ana Teixeira

Original Soundtrack: Guilherme Bernstein Seixas

Line Producer: Alvarina Souza Silva

Produced by Andiara Petterle and Marcos Guttmann

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