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PROJECTS in Development - TV

Third Round

Drama, 13 x 50 min


Created by Marcos Guttmann


Development Grant by FSA ANCINE


Peter is a writer who gets involved with a militia and becomes the mentor of a criminal organization while conquering a high post in the marketing campaign for re-election of the governor.




Peter is a writer that to recover the money paid to a contractor who abandoned his work and disappeared with the money paid, thinks out a plan that is put into practice by a militiaman. The plan works and he gets the money back. But the militiaman likes the plan so much that he begins to asking new plans for the screenwriter.


Peter is a good guy who takes a shortcut to solve a personal problem and ends up becoming a mentor to a criminal organization. When he tries to dodge, he realizes he became a hostage.


At the same time, Peter starts working as a writer in the campaign for re-election of the governor. With his talent, he soon reaches the creative director post, becoming the number two of the campaign.


Peter will have to balance between the parallel power of the militia and the official government power, he will try to re-elect.

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